Where small and mighty outperforms big and costly, any day of the week.

No matter the industry segment, or the size of your company, Rainiertek has been known to deliver a wide variety of services that provide an even greater amount of IT solutions to choose from. All without having to throw more bodies, that often-times create more unnecessary problems. And add costs.


Find local, skilled IT consultants with a proven track-record.

Bringing decades of experience and expertise for analysis, design and development capabilities to the table.

+ Business transformation

Our consultants are experienced in the development, championing and execution of business transformation plans – plans that orchestrate the combined power of people, process and IT to meet your strategic objectives.

+ Cloud Strategy and Migration services

Craft the business case, design the solution architecture, and build delivery roadmaps for migrating your IT applications and infrastructure to the cloud. Our experienced DevOps teams are available to migrate your services and associated data in a reliable and secure manner to the cloud. If you wish, we can also help manage those cloud services on an ongoing basis.Talk to us about our managed services model.

+ IT Delivery Managers and DevOps

Easily augment your business and IT teams with additional skilled team members to ease the load on your full-time staff and eliminate delivery risks.

Unlock insights from all your data – no matter how BIG or small.

Collect, store, process, and analyze your data.

+ Data Pipelines

Make your data more accessible to your data analysts and data scientists. Design, build and deploy data pipelines that move your data from logs and databases servers and social media feeds in a fast, secure and reliable way to cloud/hybrid data storage solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure etc.

+ Data Processing

Cook and process your data to make it ready for analysis and exploration. Our Data Scientist team can help you explore the processed data to uncover hidden patterns and insights. Our Data Engineers can help you build and operationalize data lakes, data warehouses and other building blocks of your Analytics platform.

+ Data Virtualization and Visualization

Use virtualization and visualization tools from Denodo, Microsoft and Tableau to eliminate the complexity in connecting, combining and publishing information from multiple enterprise data sources. Use visualization tools to create compelling visual reports that provide insights to your target audience.


Use Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools specific to you.

Provide your users with fast, secure and compliant access to your data.

+ User Onboarding

Use IAM to eliminate friction and delays in granting users access to enterprise applications.

+ Role-based access to data

Control manager, and audit role-based access to data.

+ Single Sign On / 2 Factor Authentication

Enable your users to use their corporate credentials when accessing cloud applications and services.

Business Transformation and Change Management.


Define your user experience stories for new software applications and platforms.


Prioritize your user experience stories for the Technical Delivery team(s).


Assess the business impacts, (from a people, processes and systems standpoint), to better roll out new software applications and platforms.


Develop actionable and targeted user adoption and change management plans.


Execute your communications plan with early stakeholder and user feedback. Plus, provide executive readouts that bubble up major blockers.


Systems Implementation and Integration.

  • Integrate your LOB systems with new software/service.

  • Use a highly iterative approach. Rapidly complete the proper installation and integration of new systems and software.
  • Partnerships with the following list of vendors enable Rainiertek to leverage specialists to accelerate implementation timelines and mitigate risks including; HortonWorks, CloudEra, SalesForce.com, AWS, Azure, 0365, Google Cloud and Trifacta.

Cloud Services Support and Managed Services to extend the capabilities of your team.

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Access cloud-based expertise and solution accelerators customized to you.

  • Pick and choose the advice you need.
  • Receive personalized support, enhancements and system administration where needed.

Strategy Consulting for business innovation and customer/employee satisfaction.

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Find the kind of expertise and understanding you need – from Consultants you can trust.

  • Define your strategy to align with your specific business goals.
  • Distill your strategy into actionable roadmaps.
  • Work with your team of choice to design, deliver and implement the right solution that’s aligned with your key business objectives.

App Design and Development.

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Power your business processes with the latest, custom applications.

  • Design, build and support custom apps for your Sales, Marketing, Partner Operations, Finance and Supply Chain business processes.
  • Integrate with your data in SaaS apps such as SalesForce, O365, and more!
  • App support that includes Bug Fixes, light enhancements and scheduled releases.

See how Rainiertek can help.

Applying the same technical and analytical rigor as most traditional IT firms, Rainiertek’s solid track-record, along with our broad and deep expertise, allows us to better solve some of your most pressing IT problems, where most cannot. Don't believe us?